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How to Play

To create an account, enter a username and password then click "Create Your Account". To play, download CreamSoda

Add this manifest to CreamSoda https://www.thunderspygaming.net/styles/freedom/manifest.xml

How to Donate
  1. Current server expenses are $390 monthly.
  2. All donations go to the server and are handled directly by Dr. Brain alone. Noone information will ever be shared period. Every month receipts will be posted for server payments as well as how much was made in donations for full transparency.
  3. Reminder this is 100% voluntary and not for profit. None of the donations sent will be used for anything but paying the rental server, webhosting costs and domain costs.
  4. Thank you all for making this happen. Its your server and I promise you that as long as you guys continue to donate to keep your server up you will have your server.

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